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Behavioral Drinking

July 22nd, 2012 · 3 Comments · Uncategorized

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I was a little nervous when I saw a message from the vet on my cell over vacation.

The update: Bubba’s stay at the vet during vacation was a success!  The water deprivation study – to test the ability of his kidneys – went very well.  His excessive drinking has been diagnosed as “behavioral!”  When I heard this on the voice mail, I burst out laughing.  I can identify with his “behavioral drinking!”  I guess this applies to dogs and people in times of stress?

Also, his thyroid meds were cut down to 1/2 pill per day and the antibiotic is working wonders on the infected area.  The open part of the incision is clean and healing, puss free.

Best of all, he is back to the crazy Bubba that we haven’t seen in years.  His new slim, trim physique is making it easier for him to get around and I can tell he is enjoying it.  Three legs or four, 20 extra pounds is a lot to carry.  I have not seen Bubba run in years.  Now, he is effortlessly running all the time!  Sometimes things happen for a reason….despite the obstacles he’s endured with the amputation, this major surgery has brought him back to a state of health that has been absent for years.  The pre-surgery evaluation discovered the thyroid problem, and getting that under control has helped him tremendously.

My husband and I were laughing about our expectations post-amputation because we thought he would just continue to lounge around.  Totally opposite!  He has gone back to “puppy-hood” – attacking our feet, barking in our face for a treat, running away from us in the yard….don’t get me wrong, I love having him crazy!

Labor Day weekend is his 10th birthday.  We are going to celebrate and he can drink all the water he wants that day!


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