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Home at last!

June 5th, 2012 · 6 Comments · Uncategorized

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I am staring at my buddy who is sleeping soundly on Matthew’s kiddie couch.  We’re not out of the woods yet…

He had minor surgery to clean out the infection in his incision today and we’re expecting blood culture results tomorrow.  2 more drains have been added, which he is not happy about.  Does anyone have advice for keeping him from licking at the drains?

I am a little bit worried we could be dealing with MRSA since he is on 3 different antibiotics with no resolve.  He has the beginnings of a respiratory infection as well.  Too many days in the doggie hospital 🙁  Thankfully, his doctor agreed that he would be happier at home!

On the positive side, he is moving around extremely well.  He is bright eyed and smiling!  He’s eating like a champ and doing all bodily functions as he should.

One day at a time.  Tonight, I am just glad that he is here.


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  • AngelAbbysMom

    I’m glad to hear he is home, but sorry to hear he is still not feeling great. I hope you are not dealing with MRSA. Fingers and paws crossed that that is not what’s happening!

    As for not licking the drains… That’s a tough one. With Abby we would put a tshirt on her, but then the tshirt would get soaked and she’d lick that… We ended up having to put her in the soft cone, which she was oh-so-not thrilled with, but it was the only option sometimes.

    Hope he starts to feel better really soon!!! We’re pulling for you Buddy!
    Jackie, Angel Abby & MBBunny Rita

  • etgayle

    so glad you are home – paws and fingers crossed that you can get a handle on this infection. as for licking – it’s a challenge. the cone might be the only option to totally control it.

    charon & spirit gayle

  • chilidawg

    Glad you are home! I agree with the ladies the cone may be the only thing that will keep you from licking constantly. Sorry about that 🙁

    Spirit Chili Dawgs pack

  • maximutt

    We never had to deal with drains, so I can’t offer any advice there. Just wanted to say that I’m so happy your boy is home with you!

  • bubbasmom14

    I tried the T-shirt today to keep him from licking. I don’t know how well it worked, but he looked so darn cute!!! I think I will start dressing him everyday, like my very own 3-legged doll!

    Actually, I think it worked quite well. I visited him on my lunch hour today. He still won’t eat the kibble…but devours canned food. I am OK with that! This was a working lunch hour – I made him get up and potty, cleaned him up and put a fresh T-shirt on him. He did kiss the patio; I felt bad about that. By the time I left to go back to work, he was curled up with his back to me!

    I am trying my very best to keep him and all his blankets clean. I am paranoid about this infection. It is a balance: keep him safe and sanitary while trying to maintain some normalcy to keep his will and spirit alive! Body and mind must work together to heal. It works in people, I assume it must work in dogs too! Afterall, most of them don’t know they are dogs….

  • BriAnn

    I think whatever makes bubba happy is best! I am glad he is a happy boy!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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