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The Adventures of a Tripawd Boxer


Dealing with People

June 15th, 2012 · 7 Comments · Uncategorized

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OK Tripawd Parents: Help Me!

I am assuming that it is natural to be a bit overprotective of my baby, especially since we are still adjusting to life with 3 legs.  However, I am upset that some people make inappropriate comments in regards to our decision to amputate.  I have had 2 experiences with strangers who feel the need to speak up about what I have chosen to put my dog through.

What have I “put him through”?  3 failed attempts to control a soft tissue sarcoma, six weeks of twice-weekly bandage changes of cast material that prevented him from using his leg and numerous pain medications and antibiotics which strain his system.  Sometimes, I am sorry that we didn’t just amputate the first time around (or the second time or the third time).   Do these strangers know this before they comment?  Nope.

Yes.  He is having some complications.  But…we are no longer dealing with a rapidly growing tumor.  I have seen what happens to people with soft tissue sarcomas and dogs are not that different!   The tumor continues to grow and destroys everything in the general area.  The limb looses functionality and the entire body can be compromised by uncontrollable bleeding and infection.  This is a situation that is prevented by amputation.

You are probably wondering what was said that got me sooo upset!  Today, a very handsome boxer comes trotting down the hall at the vet, enthusiastically leading his owner and children to the checkout.  I can’t resist but to compliment the owner on her handsome boy. She is struggling with him, much like I used to with Bubba.  Her children are obviously disturbed by my Tripawd (understandable!)

She offers little for conversation and leads the team out behind us.  The poor kids tell her that they don’t want their dog to end up like Bubba.  The lady replies “don’t worry, he won’t.  We actually take care of our dog.”  Hmmmm…maybe I am being too sensitive, but is she insinuating that this is the result of neglect or ill provided care of my dog?

Like I said, there have been 2 incidents…..the first one happened while he was still in the hospital and I was visiting him.  I was struggling to get my emotions in order and looked visibly upset walking him back to the kennels.  A man stopped me and said, “you know, they wanted me to do that (points at Bubba’s missing leg) to my dog.  No way could I put my dog through that” (points again) and looks away from me, shaking his head.

Has anybody else had these experiences?  It is so frustrating!  I love my dog and can’t imagine anyone would put a loved one through a surgery like this unless it was the only option to provide happiness and life!  I know, it doesn’t matter what people say.  This is right for Bubba.  I have a new place in my heart for the Tripawd population and for the people who get them back on their feet, literally!  It is an emotional and, for some, a physical strain to manage through recovery.  I never thought I could lift a 100lb dog into a mini-van, but strength comes out of nowhere when my best friend is depending on me to get well.

Learning to walk again

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  • etgayle

    humans can be very stupid. i’ve posted on the forums previously, that i usually responded with, “well, richard, i just don’t think you’d understand.”…to which the human would say, “my name’s not richard”…..and i’d say, “geesh, really? you sure seem like a dick to me!” and walk off…. of course, this might not be appropriate with children present…but just saying….humans can be very stupid…..

    charon & spirit gayle

  • hollybeans

    OMD, Charon! That’s awesome!

  • admin

    Here are two topics filled with smart or funny comebacks for such situations when dealing with Richard…



    And a personal favorite… A dog this good you can’t eat all at once!

  • scrappinmommy77

    Charon….that is the best answer I”ve seen BY FAR!!!! 😀
    Imma have to put that one back in reserves 😉

    You have every right to be upset. Reading that comment from that obviously poorly educated woman, I scoffed and rolled my eyes.
    I’d probably have become involved in a very heated conversation with her 😉

  • bubbasmom14

    Love it! I knew you guys would have some advice!

  • BriAnn

    That’s sad people are being mean about it! 🙁 People should think before they act.

  • gunillas

    Oh my god! I got sooo upset when I read what that stupid people had said to you! What do they think about?! Do they think you are putting your dog and yourself through all this without a purpose and without having read tons of information, talked to vets, got inspired by videos and so on?! No.. well.. I just amputated my dog for fun, just testing if it will work.. Oh god! How stupid can a human beeing be! I say like “scrappinmommy77”, I’d also would have been involved in a HEATED conversation. So far I haven’t met any bad comments (yet..). I hope I never will do. You are just doing the right thing for Bubba! He is here and he is alive!! AND VEEEEEERY CUTE! Hugs and dog kissies from us!/Gunilla, Penny and Wilbur

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